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Our Privacy Policy

Currently, our site does not ask for or retain any personal data. A couple of games in the Entertainment section may ask for your name. In most cases, you must supply a name although there is no need to use your real name. Many of the games do use cookies to keep track of the game's progress. These cookies are automatically erased when you close your browser. Cookies may be used elsewhere for similar reasons. None of the cookies stores any personal information. We do not collect any information about your browsing habits - or anything else - beyond what is normally collected for statistical purposes for all web sites - and we usually have this feature turned off to save disk space.

If in the future we ask you to "register", "fill out a form", etc. that requires some personal information, or if you use the feedback page and provide your e-mail address, none of this data will ever be rented or sold to third parties. It will be kept (as securely as we can manage) for our own use to contact you in whatever manner you have elected for us to do so. Basically, we might collect information from you to allow us to contact you, but we never give(sell, rent) this information to anyone else.

This is not a legal document, it is a statement of our intent which we will fulfill to the best of our limited abilities.

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